Are you frustrated because you don’t have the resources to secure grant money, missing deadlines or questioning the sufficiency of the grant application that you’ve already completed?

Grant Essentials is a comprehensive grant writing consulting firm based out of the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan Area.  With loads of juicy grant related information in the U.S. and Internationally, it doesn’t matter if you have a non-profit, are a budding entrepreneur or small business owner, we have something in store for you.

Lets ask if this sounds familiar…

          • You’ve established an incredible nonprofit and realize that you want grant money to contribute towards sustaining your organization. However, you have no idea where to search for this information or the time and resources to find it.  Now let’s say that you’ve found a grant to apply to, yet, the deadline is quickly approaching or you missed it.  At the end of the day, an opportunity to obtain thousands of dollars in grant funds has slipped through your fingers because you were not equipped to apply for the application.  
          • You hold in your hands a drafted grant application.  You want to apply for funding but your staff has never written a proposal and you have very little experience yourself.  You want an objective point of view to look over the draft for a critique & review but unfortunately, there is no one around to help you with this issue.

Allow us to take away the stress of writing and researching proposals so that you can run your business and we can work together to make your business a success.